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"I joined Cadance when I was 8 years old and instantly fell in love with dance. Cadance focuses on proper technique as well as providing a fun atmosphere and I have truly enjoyed my 14 years
spent at Cadance."
Megan Spencer
Former Cadance Student and Instructor

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Gaea Jess - Artistic Director, Cadance Academy

Gaea Jess (Director)

Honors Baccalaureate in Dance and Kinesiology
Member of CDTA and Dance Nova Scotia

As of 2006, Gaea Jess is the new Owner and Artistic Director of Cadance. Gaea’s dance career started at Cadance, where she began dancing as a child before graduating to teaching and choreographing. In 1996 she moved from Nova Scotia to Toronto to further her career in dance and expanded into health and wellness. In 2001 she graduated from York University with a double honors degree in dance and kinesiology. During her time at York, she received several awards for overall achievement in the dance department. Gaea also toured with the Menaka Thakkar Dance Company, enabling her to extensively study different world dances, especially East Indian. In kinesiology, Gaea specialized in Learned Self Regulation - training people to maintain their bodies at an optimal level.

A real globetrotter, Gaea traveled after university to Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand and Australia, where she taught health and wellness classes in resort settings. In 2003 Gaea arrived back in Calgary, Alberta, where she trained and taught at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks. She also was a company member of the 12th Avenue Dance Company, an eclectic dance group. She choreographed works and put them in various shows in Calgary including the Calgary Dance Explosion Festival. Gaea was also involved in the health and wellness industry, being employed by Canadian renowned fitness guru Helen Vanderberg at her health clubs. Gaea became a mind/body specialist completing her Stott Pilates certification and Fusion (yoga/Pilates) certification. This led into teaching many courses and supervising personal training at various facilities in Calgary.

From Calgary Gaea returned to her roots in Nova Scotia to take over her mother's Dance Academy. Since being back in Nova Scotia Gaea has completed her Yoga Certifiaction with Yellow Meadow Yoga and has taken her advanced ballet teachers training with the Canadian Dance Teachers Association. Gaea often goes to the National Ballet School of Canada in the summer to also ensure that she is up to date with all the new training techniques. Gaea looks forward to taking Cadance to new heights. Gaea is an enthusiastic teacher, and her approach is to share what she has found personally inspiring and fulfilling with her students while enabling them to go to the next level in their training. She always tries to generate a safe environment in which to experiment, try new things and grow!